Second hand Books in French

Please note that la librairie will exceptionally be closed on Saturday 24 September.
We apologise for the inconvenience. 

Welcome to la librairie

La librairie (Librairie française) is located in Hammersmith, London W6 (see map).
The whole idea started with the realisation that it wasn’t easy to find many books in French in London – unless ordering online – or to sell the unwanted ones, in spite of the large Francophone community. After a lot of thinking and many discussions with French speakers/learners, we decided to set up a shop to exclusively offer second hand books in French, for anyone who needs or wants to read in French.


We have a wide selection, in all kind of sectors: children’s, comics, graphic novels and manga for all ages, crime/thrillers, classic and contemporary fiction, non-fiction, cookery, collectibles and so on.

We believe books should have a long life, so are also happy to buy books customers no longer want (if they are needed for the stock), all you have to do is contact us or come over to the shop and have a chat with a member of staff before bringing books in.


In la librairie you will also find sweets and biscuits from France which you might miss over here. These can either be taken away or eaten onsite with a hot drink.

Home design pieces

We also are a London point of sale for Bleu Carmin Design® and are pleased to offer their Animo Collection of home objects such as lamps, shelves and pegs, as well as their jigsaw puzzles for children.