Children / Jeunesse



This is a very important part of the shop as children’s taste and needs evolve quickly. We cater for all age groups and interests:

  • ‘Touch and feel’ books for babies and toddlers
  • To help language development we have some picture books (imagiers) on all sorts of subjects
  • For story time you’ll find a large selection of classic fairy tales, night-time stories, and more recent stories, many of them from l’École des Loisirs
  • You’ll also find non fiction books on all sorts of subjects such as history, science, nature etc. So if your child is interested in dinosaurs, volcanoes, animals, knights, astronomy, biology or mythology, then just pop in!
  • The keen readers will find a large choice of novels suitable for all reading abilities
  • Finally there are also many comics to choose from including classics such as Tintin, Lucky Luke, Les schtroumpfs or Boule et Bill, or more recent titles such as Titeuf or Ducobu. (see Graphic novels/BD)

Customers are welcome to bring in books their children no longer enjoy, and talk to a member of staff about selling them to the shop.